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Projects and Demonstrations

The Outreach program has a number of engaging hands on activites that we use to demonstrate and explain basic concepts of physics. Normally our visits cover the main set of demonstrations and takes about an hour. Upon request, we can bring any of the more focused projects instead.


The most commonly requested presentation is our collection of many short demonstrations. These demonstrations can be shown lecture style in front of a large audience, or split into four small groups of about 15 students. The demonstrations are split into four topics, Mechanics, Pressure and Heat, Waves and Light, and Electricity and Magnetism. To learn more, please visit the wiki of our demonstrations linked below.

Demonstrations Wiki (Temporarily disabled)


General Outreach offers a few projects that focus on a more narrow set of subjects. Each lasts a different amount of time, and some require materials be provided. Each project will be prefaced and reinforced with a short "lecture" about the related subjects.

Egg Drop

Motor Construction

Cartesian Divers